To Andrew

To Nando’s and Buddy’s and rum on the beach;
To passing it on and taking turns each.

To street parties and house parties and the mess that comes with them;
To eating 4am burgers on the floor of my kitchen.

To accidental cock-blocks and stolen life rings;
To tipsy walks home and spicy chicken wings.

To “How High” and “Scrubs” and hangover cures.
To making fun of my laugh; to the sound of yours.

To having a smile that makes my dad want to kiss you;
To having a tattoo that makes your mum want to hit you.

To crashing on your sofa and crying on your shoulder;
To never getting wiser even though we’re getting older.

To “going in” for one another and growing up together;
To being there for one another and getting drunk together.

To basketball and cider and always staying ’til the end.

Above all, to you; for being my friend.


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