To Be a Girl

To Be a Girl

Don’t be too quiet, they won’t notice you. Don’t be too loud, you’ll draw attention to yourself. Don’t be too accommodating, they’ll think you’re a pushover. Don’t be too demanding, they’ll think you’re a bitch. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or too short, they’ll see it as an invitation. Don’t wear clothes that … Continue reading To Be a Girl

A Suitcase / A Woman

Just like any other of my kind, I carry things inside me that you would be astonished by. Things that would disgust you, things that would perplex you, things that would amaze you. And — just like any other of my kind — I also carry things that will comfort you. These are the pieces you reach for when you are lonely or otherwise lacking, desperately digging through me until you find what you are searching for.


Facebook and Twitter and checking your newsfeed Miley and 1D and feeling your ears bleed Iced frappes and thigh gaps and tight-fitting leggings Gym sessions don’t count if you didn’t check in   Untagging, retweeting and following back Hashtag “nofilter,” did you Instagram that? Beyoncé and Ugg boots and Marilyn quotes “This is amazeballs!” “Yeah, babe, … Continue reading #NoFilter