A Suitcase / A Woman

Just like any other of my kind, I carry things inside me that you would be astonished by. Things that would disgust you, things that would perplex you, things that would amaze you. And — just like any other of my kind — I also carry things that will comfort you. These are the pieces you reach for when you are lonely or otherwise lacking, desperately digging through me until you find what you are searching for.

How to be Happy

1. Keep your family close. Keep them in your mind and keep them in your heart. But most importantly, keep them in your contacts list so you can call them at 2.30am sobbing uncontrollably because your favourite character died in that TV show you've been obsessing over for the past few months (sorry, Mum). 2. Do nice … Continue reading How to be Happy

11 Things I Miss About Childhood

1. Racing home from school so that you could go out with your friends to play hidey or rounders or hang about outside Safeway on your micro-scooter because you were BADASS. 2. Asking your parents if you could stay out a bit later because "everyone else" was, knowing full well that "everyone else" was asking … Continue reading 11 Things I Miss About Childhood

In the Corners of a Backpack

The road to North Bay is paved with trees. Lots of trees.

In early September last year, I squeezed my life into a suitcase, dragged it to Glasgow International Airport and boarded a plane to Toronto. Now, I’ve been in Canada for over five months and I still feel like I did the first day I stepped off of the plane and into a new home, a … Continue reading In the Corners of a Backpack