It’s a little after 9am. Thick orbs of morning sunlight are bouncing off the snow in the garden. I’m standing cracking eggs into a bowl and swirling lukewarm coffee around a mug as tinny hold music bleats at me from across the room. I’d half given up on getting through to anyone at the insurance … Continue reading Accents

Tae a Dobber

My husband laughs at a story I’ve just told, then pauses and says in his Canadian accent: “Wait — what’s a ‘roaster’?” I think about it. What is a roaster? It’s one of those words that has been ingrained in my memory for so long that whatever formal definition it once had — "noun (singular): … Continue reading Tae a Dobber

I’m Not Voting in the Independence Referendum

For the past couple of months - and I'm willing to bet that this is true for almost every Scottish person who has Facebook - my newsfeed has been overflowing with posts about the upcoming independence referendum. We've seen posts about "yes," and posts about "no," and even posts about "maybe." We've seen posts about … Continue reading I’m Not Voting in the Independence Referendum